Real wood delivering unreal performance.


Armour Wood® products can be installed in a variety of indoor and above-ground exterior locations using standard building procedures. Proper installation will maximize the beauty and performance of Armour Wood® products.

Before beginning any building project, we recommend you survey those items in and around your home that are designed to prolong the life of all wood products and building materials. Doing so will help protect against damage and avoid costly repairs. We recommend that the following key items are installed, inspected and maintained properly:

  • Wide roof overhangs
  • Wide flashing at roof edges
  • Proper flashing around doors, windows and other openings
  • Effective vapor barriers
  • Adequate eave troughs and downspouts
  • Exhaust fans to remove moisture
  • Adequate attic insulation and ventilation

When you are ready to install Armour Wood®, the following will help guide you through recommended installation procedures.