Real wood delivering unreal performance.


Wood is a natural product, and thus will expand and contract with seasonal weather changes. When nailing, please do not restrict this normal movement and do not nail through overlapping pieces. All nailing should be over studs to allow for at least a 1½” penetration into a solid wood base.

The active ingredients in Armour Wood® do not promote corrosion of nails and fastenings. All you need for outdoor installation are hot dipped, galvanized nails. Fasteners made of high tensile aluminum or stainless steel are also suitable for outdoor use. Inside, Armour Wood® can be installed without any specialty nails or fasteners.

We recommend hand nailing our products in order to maintain the factory seal that is applied. If a nail gun is used, you must adjust the air pressure to ensure a flush finish. You can also countersink your nails by 1/16” and smooth with putty. Prior to nailing at the ends of boards, you will want to pre-drill holes in order to avoid splitting the wood.